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What themes are available?


   List of Available Themes for UO Blogs

One-Column Themes

Two-Column Themes

Three-Column Themes

Four-Column Themes

Single-column themes have a central post area with no sidebar. All widgets are located at the bottom of the theme.

Two-column themes for UO Blogs normally have a wide column for content with a narrower sidebar. You can place the sidebar on the left or right.

Three column themes have two sidebars, either side-by-side on one side of the blog, or on either side of the wider content column

Four-column themes have one content column and three sidebars. The content column is often the same width as the other columns. This type of layout tends to look cluttered and is less well suited to reading lengthy content.


For instructions on how to change your theme, see Managing Themes, Appearance, and Widgets on Your Blog.

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How do I change my blog's title?

Your blog's title is displayed on the title bar of a web browser and in the header of most themes.

For instructions on how to change your blog title, see How to Change Your Blog Title.

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What widgets are available for me to use?

Widgets are tools that you can add, arrange, or remove from the areas of your blog.

For more information and a list of available widgets, see List of Availabe Widgets for UO Blogs.

For instructions on how to change your sidebar widgets, see Changing Your Sidebar Widgets.

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Can I password protect my posts and pages?

When editing a post, look for the Visibility section on the right and click the Edit button. Next, click the button labeled password protected, enter a password, and then click the OK button. Click the Publish button at the bottom of that box when done.

For more information, see Password Protecting Posts.

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Can I make a post stick to the top of my blog?


When editing a post, find the Publish section on the right. Find the Visibility option and click its Edit link. Click the check box labeled "Stick this post to the front page".

For more information, see Making a post appear "stuck" to the top of the blog's front page.

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Can I edit my posts in bulk?

To apply a change to many posts at once, go to the admin bar on the left and click Posts. Next, in the menu that appears, click All Posts. In that interface, select the posts you want to edit, select an action, and click Apply.

For more information, see Bulk editing posts to apply changes to multiple posts.

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Can I create a static front page for my blog?

Sometimes bloggers will want to change their home page to something else so that it doesn't display the most recent post automatically. For more information on how to accomplish this, see How to Create a Static Front Page For Your Blog.

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Can I change the page order in my blog?

For more information on changing the order of page viewing for your blog, see Changing page order in your blog navigation.

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There are too many plugins to choose from. Which ones should I use?

For a list of recommended plugins, see Recommended Plugins for UO Blogs.

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How do I import links to UO Blogs?

To import links from a previous version of WordPress to UO Blogs, follow these instructions:

  1. Type https://<sitename>/wp-links-opml.php into the address bar
  2. Copy this URL
  3. Go to the UO Blogs site's dashboard for which you are importing the links to
  4. Select 'Tools'
  5. Select 'Import'
  6. Select 'Blogroll'
  7. Paste the URL into the 'Specify an OPML URL:' field
  8. Optional: Select a category for the links
  9. Select 'Import OPML File'

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