University of Oregon

Center for Higher Education Chief Information Studies (CHECS)


The Center for Higher Education Chief Information Studies, Inc. (CHECS) is a nonprofit organization that, among other activities, produces annual reports based on surveys of two groups, current CIOs and Technology Leaders (those in the next organizational level down from the CIO).

CHECS produces annual reports about higher education CIOs’ attributes, education, experience, and effectiveness and about the technology professionals who are likely to replace these CIOs. The research is unique in that it involves the CIO, the technology leaders reporting to the CIO, as well as other members of the institution’s management team. The study invites participation from the CIO, or lead technology person, at every two- and four-year higher education institution in the United States. Separate reports are written describing CIOs and technology leaders. The data are beneficial to seasoned technology leaders and those who aspire to become CIOs, as well as to those who may be hiring a CIO in the future.

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