University of Oregon

How to view an Exchange (UOregon) Calendar from Google Calendar


This document provides directions to allow a Gmail or Google Calender user to view your Exchange calendar.

For this process, you will need all of the following:

  • A Exchange account
  • A Google calendar account
  • Access to a web browser

Google may update their back-end software and/or web interface at any time. Changes to either of these may render the following steps obsolete. These steps were accurate and correct as of 26 Dec 2012.


1. Log in to the Uoregon OWA site at

2. Select the Calendar view

3. Select the Share option.

4. Fill out the information with an email address you have access to and the calendar you would like to share, then press SEND.

5. Check the email address you shared your calendar with. At the bottom of the email that you received, you should see:  "To subscribe to this calendar using an Internet calendar-compatible program, such as Microsoft Outlook 2007 or a later version, copy and paste the following Web address into your Web browser:"

6. Copy the URL that comes after that.

7. Login to your Google account and click on the Calendar tab.

8. From the Other Calendars menu, choose "Add by URL". Leave the Make this calendar public box Unchecked.

9. Click OK. Google make take a few moments to import recent calendar items from your Exchange Calendar

10. You should now see an additional Calendar under your Google Calendar "Other calendars" menu

11. Drop down the menu to the right of this new Calendar and choose Calendar settings

12. Change the "Calendar Name" to something appropriate and distinct

13. Within 20 minutes your UOregon Exchange calendar should be accessible to all your Google or Gmail sync devices.