University of Oregon

A&AA Rooms with Exchange Calendars


A&AA provides Exchange calendars for many of its classrooms and conference rooms to assist with scheduling. For instructions on viewing these calendars, see the Calendar Sharing in Exchange article. Below is a list of rooms that have Exchange calendars associated with them.

To view a room schedule open the calendar in Exchange by searching the directory for AAA, then scroll through the list until you find the room you are looking for.

To schedule time in a room, please contact the department whom manages it.   

Lawrence Hall

Location Exchange Name Location Exchange Name
Lawrence Courtyard Lawrence 206
Lawrence L100 Main Lobby Lawrence 210 East
Lawrence L120 Lawrence 210 West
Lawrence 100 Lawrence 222
Lawrence 106 Dean's Room Lawrence 231
Lawrence 110 Dean's Conference Room Lawrence 241
Lawrence 115 Lawrence 249
Lawrence 141 Lawrence 254
Lawrence 145 Lawrence 256
Lawrence 151 Lawrence 263
Lawrence 156 Lawrence 266 The Hearth
Lawrence 162 Lawrence 278
Lawrence 166 Lawrence 279
Lawrence 170 Lawrence M283
Lawrence 177 Lawrence 286
Lawrence 185 Lawrence 290
Lawrence 188 Lawrence 383
Lawrence 190 Lawrence 405
Lawrence 196    
Lawrence 197    

Hendricks Hall

Location Exchange Name
Hendricks 100 aaa.hen-100
Hendricks 119 Hendricks Hearth aaa.hen-119

Pacific Hall

Location                                             Exchange Name
Pacific 130 aaa.pac-130

Millrace Studios

Location Exchange Name
Millrace 1 110 aaa.mr1-110
Millrace 1 111 aaa.mr1-111
Millrace 1 113 aaa.mr1-113
Millrace 1 113A aaa.mr1-113a.lab
Millrace 1 114 aaa.mr1-114
Millrace 2 124 aaa.mr2-124
Millrace 2 125 aaa.mr2-125
Millrace 3 157 aaa.mr3-157
Millrace 3 162 aaa.mr3-162

Northsite Fine Art Studios

Location Exchange Name
125A 103 Sculpture aaa.103a-sculpture
125B 105 Ceramics aaa.105b-ceramics
125C 101 Metalsmithing aaa.101c-metalsmithing
Wilkinson House 101 aaa.wh-101


Location Exchange Name
Cottrell House Bedroom Suite aaa.CH-suite
Cottrell House Downstairs Bedroom aaa.CH-DownBed
Cottrell House Public Spaces aaa.CH-Public
Cottrell House Upstairs Bedroom aaa.CH-UpBed
The Shire 815 aaa.815-shire

Portland White Stag

Location Exchange Name
White Stag Building 442 aaa.wsb-442
White Stag Building 444 aaa.wsb-444
White Stag Building 446 aaa.wsb-446
White Stag Building 450 aaa.wsb-450
White Stag Building 451 aaa.wsb-451
White Stag Building 541 aaa.wsb-541
White Stag Building 542 aaa.wsb-542
White Stag Building 544 aaa.wsb-544
White Stag Building 546 aaa.wsb-546
White Stag Building 548 aaa.wsb-548
White Stag Building 550 aaa.wsb-550
White Stag Building 555 aaa.wsb-555