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About Banner with Application Navigator (AppNav)


For a user guide and list of known issues, see Using Banner with Application Navigator (AppNav) (note: page requires login with your Duck ID).


What is Application Navigator (AppNav)?

Application Navigator is an application that runs in your browser and facilitates seamless navigation between Banner 8.x forms and Banner 9.x pages, allowing them to behave like a single application. Application Navigator includes a unified menu and unified search, and uses a common authentication mechanism to provide an integrated user experience. Users can seamlessly navigate between the Banner modules, using a single interface, regardless of whether the module being called is a Banner 8 or Banner 9 module.

When can I start using AppNav?

Starting January 24, 2017, all Banner users may participate in the extended pilot period for AppNav. Participation is entirely optional. Before you consider using AppNav, please note these important caveats.
You may be a good candidate to start using Banner with AppNav now if:
  • You generally run Banner in only one browser window at a time;
  • Your use of Banner is limited to running queries or doing a small amount of data entry; and
  • You like to try new software features, are aware of the known issues, and are willing to report any new issues.
***If you frequently run Banner in multiple windows at the same time, or if you do a lot of data entry, we do NOT recommend trying Banner with AppNav at this time.
Once our campus has had more time to pilot these changes and we can address the known issues, Information Services will announce a new date when everyone will start using AppNav and the Duck ID login.
If you decide to try Banner with AppNav before then, be sure to:
  1. Review the rest of this page.
    • AppWorx users: Be sure to read "How do I keep my AppWorx Oracle password updated?" below.
  2. Review the user guide and known issues (requires log in with your Duck ID).
    • In particular, please note that that AppNav currently steals window focus.
    • Other known issues may also affect you.
If you run into any issues with AppNav beyond those noted on the known issues page, please report them to the Technology Service Desk.

How do I run AppNav?

Before running AppNav for the first time, clear your Java cache and your browser cache and cookies.

You start AppNav from your browser. Visit and click "Banner with Application Navigator (pilot)." If you do not see the pilot link, please refresh the page in your browser. You may need to do a hard refresh.

How do I get to Banner?

Banner is run from within Application Navigator. When Application Navigator starts up, you can navigate to any Banner screen and Application Navigator will take you there.

Do I need to install the Java plugin?

Yes. In order to run Banner 8 within AppNav, you will need to download and install Java:

Note: To use Banner with macOS Sierra (Mac OS X, version 10.12), you must have at least Java version 8 update 112 (8u112) installed.

Do I have to continue logging in to Oracle reports?

No*. We’ve made some changes to the Banner forms that launch Oracle reports. Running reports will now bypass the Oracle reports login page and directly launch your report. Banner forms that launch Oracle reports include FWIORPT, PWIORPT, etc.

*Known issue: If you try to run a report after having been logged in to Banner for more than 30 minutes, you will be prompted to log in to Oracle reports. See the known issues page for details.

How do I keep my AppWorx Oracle password updated?

Those of you with AppWorx accounts will continue to maintain your Banner database password and set it in AppWorx as your Oracle password.

The first time you log in to Banner with AppNav, the following will occur:

  1. You log in to Banner with AppNav for the first time.
  2. You must then log in to the SSO Manager Credential Management Utility for AppWorx:
  3. Enter a password, then click Save. This is your new Banner database password.
  4. Log in to AppWorx and set your Banner database password as your Oracle password inside AppWorx. Instructions are available at

***If you do not complete the steps above, your AppWorx jobs will fail. After multiple job failures, your Banner database account will be locked. If this happens, contact the Technology Service Desk.

Note: After the first time you log in, your Banner database password will no longer be impacted by AppNav. You will, however, need to use the SSO Manager Credential Management Utility in the future to update your Banner database password when it expires.

Does my AppNav session time out?

Yes. After 60 minutes of inactivity, Application Navigator will warn you that you have 5 minutes left before it will log you out. You may click the button to remain logged in for another 60 minutes.

Does AppNav work in Chrome?

No. The supported web browsers are Internet Explorer 11 and Safari.

Note: If you're using Firefox for Banner, we recommend switching to Internet Explorer (PC) or Safari (Mac). Firefox may cause login errors, and, as we previously announced, it will soon stop working with Banner altogether.

Can I switch back to using Banner without AppNav after using AppNav?

Yes, during the extended pilot period for AppNav. First you will need to update your Banner database password:

  1. Visit the SSO Manager Credential Management Utility:
  2. Log in with your Duck ID and password.
  3. Enter a new password into the Password box.
  4. Click Save. This is your new Banner database password.

Who do I contact if I need help?

Contact the Technology Service Desk for assistance.