University of Oregon

About the eduroam Wireless Network


What is eduroam?
eduroam is a secure wireless network service that allows faculty, staff, and students to use their home institution's wireless credentials to access wireless networks when visiting other eduroam participating institutions. eduroam eliminates the need for a guest account.

UO students, faculty, and staff can use that wireless network when visiting participating eduroam universities. Visitors to UO from participating universities can use UO's "eduroam" wireless network, too.

eduroam is offered throughout 36 European countries, 6 Asia-Pacific countries, the United States, and Canada.

How does eduroam work?
Depending on the device you're using, you may be able to select the "eduroam" wireless network and log in using your username and password provided by your home institution. UO users will use their DuckID and password to log in. For more detailed directions, see Connecting to the eduroam Network.

Where is eduroam available?
eduroam can be used on the University of Oregon campus or when visiting other eduroam participating institutions. See lists of participating institutions: 

Is eduroam secure?
Yes, eduroam is a secure network. eduroam takes the same security precautions as other UO networks, including the use of the 802.1x authentication mechanism.

Who do I talk to if I need help?
If the University of Oregon is your home institution, please contact the Technology Service Desk.

If you are from another eduroam participating institution, please contact your institution's support team.

We recommended you test the eduroam network at the University of Oregon before traveling to another eduroam participating institution.

Where can I find more information about eduroam?
For more information about eduroam, see