University of Oregon

IT Directors Advisory Group Charter



Serve as the group of IT leaders representing the major academic and administrative areas. The Group is advisory to the Campus Technology Council regarding technology services at the University of Oregon (UO).

Scope – Major Activities:

  • Advise the Campus Technology Council regarding campus technology direction and technology services at UO
  • Evaluate technology services
  • Recommend effective technology services and solutions in support of UO’s teaching/learning, research, and service mission
  • Collaborate and partner as needed on joint initiatives, projects, and activities relevant to campus technology and campus IT professionals
  • Organize and facilitate the monthly Departmental Computing meetings

Out of Scope Activities:

  • Involvement in routine service operations, except as required in a member’s other role(s)
  • Implementation of initiatives or projects, except as required in a member’s other role(s)


  • Recommendations regarding technology services to the IT Steering Committee
  • Products resulting from the Group’s projects and activities
  • Scheduling and facilitation of the monthly Departmental Computing meetings


  • Every other month
  • Some work may be required outside of meetings


  • Members are appointed by the UO Chief Information Officer by consensus of the voting members of the IT Directors Group
  • Membership is limited to one voting member per college, school or major administrative unit; exceptions are granted by the UO Chief Information Officer
  • Individuals who are subscribed to the email list but are not voting members are included in meeting invitations and welcome to attend meetings as space permits
  • Subject matter experts and guest speakers will be invited to meetings as needed
Member Name/Title Role on Council
Jessie Minton, CIO Chair
Shandon Bates, Lundquist College of Business Member
Dennis Bishop, School of Law Member
Jim Bouse, Enrollment Management Member
Ben Brinkley, College of Arts & Sciences Member
Chris Butler, Athletics Member
Al Cornish, UO Libraries Member
Guy Eckelberger, School of Music and Dance Member
Nick Maggio, Research Advanced Computing Services Member
Mark McCulloch, Business Affairs Member
Kevin McGlinchey, Campus Operations Member
Tim Miller, Finance and Administration Member
Cleven Mmari, Student Life Member
Charles Powell, Research Office Member
Gary Sullivan, College of Design and School of Journalism and Communication Member
Jeffrey Woodbury, College of Education Member
TBD, University Advancement Member
Patrick Chinn, Information Services Ex-Officio 
Noreen Hogan, Information Services Ex-Officio
Leo Howell, Information Services Ex-Officio
Matt Riley, Information Services Ex-Officio
Kristin Smith, Information Services Notetaker

Roles and Responsibilities:


  • Develop meeting agendas
  • Lead meetings
  • Maintain focus on meeting topics
  • Ensure that meetings begin and end on time


  • Attend meetings: members should, at a minimum, notify the Meeting Facilitator if they are unable to attend a meeting (declining the calendar invitation is sufficient notification)
  • Contribute to the Group’s activities and help ensure completion of the Group’s deliverables
  • Help balance conflicting priorities and resources
  • Understand the implications and outcomes of projects and initiatives being pursued
  • Represent the interests of major stakeholders when considering the ideas and issues raised at meetings
  • Facilitate appropriate two-way communication between the Group and all areas of campus
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding opinions, brainstorming, and issues discussed at meetings as required


  • Record notes of the meeting discussions and action items as appropriate
  • Share notes with the Group for review
  • Distribute meeting notes in an appropriate electronic format after review

Revision history:

  • Original – mwoo – 07 March 2013
  • Added voting membership roster – mwoo – 12 March 2013
  • Edited voting membership roster; made minor revisions to scope; posted charter to - mwoo - 29 March 2013
  • Edited membership roster to update CIO; replaced CTC name with IT Steering Committee name; updated meeting frequency as determined by the group – pchinn – 29 June 2017
  • Edited membership to reflect current state – pchinn – 16 August 2018