University of Oregon

Setting up UO mail on Android


In order to set up e-mail on an Android device to read and send e-mail using your UO account, open your applications and tap on "Email" or "Mail" application (the name many vary slightly depending on version of Android and phone manufacturer). The first time you open the application, you'll be presented with a screen like the one below.  If you already have an email account, you can either go to settings or accounts and then tap 'Add account'.

     Step 1: To begin, fill out your UO E-mail address and Duck ID password and tap Next

     Step 2: On the next screen, tap IMAP.

     Step 3: Fill out the following information:

     "Username" will be your Duck ID (your e-mail address without the

     "Password" will be your Duck ID password

     "IMAP" server needs to be

     "Port" needs to be set to 993

     "Security type" needs to be set to SSL

     Tap Next.

    Step 4: Fill out the requested information for the Outgoing server settings:

     "STMP" server needs to be

     "Port" needs to be set to 465

     "Security" type needs to be set to SSL

     Check the box next to Require sign-in and enter your username and password.

     "Username" will be your UO DuckID

     (your e-mail address without the

     "Password" will be your DuckID password.

     Tap Next.

     Step 5: You will be prompted to choose your preferences regarding:

     How frequently e-mail is checked.

     If you want your UO account to be your primary e-mail account on your mobile device.

     If you want notifications of when mail arrives.

     Note: The more often e-mail is checked, the faster your battery and data get used.

     Step 6: Enter an account name, something descriptive like UOregon.

     Also, you'll be able to choose how your name is displayed in outgoing e-mails.

     Tap Done.

     Your e-mail will load in the next few minutes.


If you need help, please contact the Information Services Technology Service Desk.