University of Oregon

BCG - January 19, 2017

Banner Coordinating Group

Attending: Brian Lowery, Kirk Koenig, Noreen Hogan, Staurt Laing, Morgan Ramsey Daniels, Sonia Potter, Corrie Bozung

Computing Center 185

January 19, 2017

  1. Final 2017 Maintenance Weeks
    January 28-29 February 11-12 March 4-5 April 22-23
    May 13-14 June 24-25 July (N/A) August 12-13; 26-27
    September 16-17 October 14-15 November 4-5 December 2-3
  2. AppNav/SSO migration – feedback on current issues
    • We are still working on issues and troubleshooting have you heard anything on
      • The Focus Stealing after entering a form with multiple data-entry fields, stealing focus is happening more often. (Issue on the vendor side)
      • Users are intermittently having to login to Shibboleth twice – once at the normal AppNav screen, and once after they select a form
      • In the morning, connections spin / hang when first launching.  The JVM controller has to be restarted.
      • Reports are expiring every hour due to the new cookie, causing users to have to restart banner to run reports throughout the day - SSO is no longer an option they are forced to login to their Banner account
    • We are meeting in the morning to discuss options and will be communicating out after that
    • BCG: pushing this deadline would be helpful (end of March Admissions; FinAid 2 more weeks)
  3. AppWorx jobs migration
    • TEST on February 3rd
    • PROD on February 10th (some developers will be available that weekend)
  4. Banner password changes
    • Changing requirements and sending additional information out when specifics are finalized – UAchieve and Security
  5. Update on preferred name (remove middle initial)
  6. Banner 9 Upgrade
    • Collecting information: schedule (i.e. hands off time), resources and evaluating current mods – HR wants to go SOON – Finance - Student
    • Project plan strategy (Noreen) – rather than hiring overall project management and partner with someone in each area and bringing in some
    • Banner 9 training in PDX – Tuesday January 31st through Thursday February 2nd – Call Corrie if anything Critical comes up
  7. Coding Banner positions that are Level 3 Budget Authority
    • Loading a code into Banner that would identify heads of departments and Financial Authority – HR needs this code
    • Purchasing and contract services wants more dynamic data and not static level that BAO is collecting
    • Parking Lot until Banner 9 upgrade


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