University of Oregon

BCG Minutes


BCG Minutes—February 15, 2012

Banner Coordinating Group

Attending:  Sue Eveland, Susan Hilton, Jim Gilmour, Kirk Koenig

Absent: JP Monroe, Brian Henley, Kelly Wolf, Stuart Laing, Mark McCulloch

Guest: Noreen Hogan (IS)

Information Services report

  1. Review 2012-13 project calendar.  BCG members were asked to review the calendar with their staff and send updates to Susan (or bring them to the April BCG meeting) for discussion.

On-going projects/issues/updates

  1. CRM – Sue
    A solution has been selected and we are in the “quiet” period now.  The vendor will be announced next week.
  2. Document imaging (Singularity) – Susan
    Discussion about the ongoing performance and functional issues.  Contributing to the challenge in troubleshooting are the number of IS infrastructure changes that have occurred over the last few months and the fact that the version of Singularity that is production is two versions old (soon to be three versions) and it is literally held together with in-house fixes and a variety of patches from Hyland: some from newer versions of Singularity, some from the soon-to-be-released version of Singularity, and some that were developed just for the UO.  A long-term goal is to replace the product; more immediate is to resolve the production critical issues; mid-term goal is to get current on the Singularity version we run.  If we are able to replace the product, it will probably take a year to research, identify and purchase the product, and to figure out how to migrate from Singularity to the new solution. 

New Issues

  1. Request from departments for query access to LDAP – Noreen
    How does the group want to handle requests from departments for query access to LDAP?  We have approved one request in the past:  Vid Rowan, Human Resources, asked for query access for their training system.  CAS wants the same access so they can combine LDAP data with their own data to build a general profile of their faculty and students.  While the same data is in the data warehouse, the LDAP data is refreshed nightly while the data warehouse is not.  Also, getting data from the LDAP is more interactive.  Question: what about confidential information in the LDAP?  Need to check with Human Resources.  Since neither Human Resources or Business Affairs was represented at the meeting, the decision was made to carry this topic over to the April meeting and to also invite Daniel Mundra, CAS, to attend the meeting to speak to their need.

Items of Interest

  1. The annual SunGard Summit (user conference) will be March 26-29, 2012, in Las Vegas, NV
    UO attendees include Brian Lowery, Laura Lacasa, Tim Ketchum, Joey Mitchell and Stephany Freeman.