University of Oregon

BCG Minutes: April 19, 2012


Banner Coordinating Group

Attending:  Sue Eveland, Susan Hilton, Pete Bauer (for Jim Gilmour), Kirk Koenig, Mark McCulloch

Absent: JP Monroe, Brian Henley, Kelly Wolf, Stuart Laing

Information Services report

  1. Fallout from the infrastructure upgrade on Sunday:  there have been a number of problems with Oracle reports, particularly finance and payroll reports, since the Sunday maintenance.  Other issues included Mac users reporting tiny fonts and some reports having parameter issues.  Numerous patches and configurations were required during this upgrade so it is possible that some weren’t done in the same sequence as they were on TEST and perhaps that contributed to some of the problems, but that has not been confirmed.  Oracle suspects that the reason the problems, whatever the cause, did not appear in testing was the increased user load in production.  IS is working closely with Oracle to resolve the problems.  Oracle will be providing a patch for some of the issues.  IS has come up with a workaround for most of the others.
  1. Susan distributed the 2012-13 project timeline, noting that it was pretty much the same as the one that was distributed at the March BCG meeting as she had received no feedback from BCG members to date.  There was discussion regarding where the Singularity V 12 upgrade best fit in, considering the Banner upgrade in August, the time required for user testing, and Admissions processing.  It was decided to tentatively put it in September 2012
  1. The next big Banner upgrade is scheduled for August 11-12.

On-going projects/issues/updates

  1. CRM – Sue

The Campus Management Talisma product has been selected and OEM and PCS are working on the contract details with the vendor.  OEM is sending two people and IS is sending a developer to the upcoming user conference. 

  1. Document imaging (Singularity) – Sue & Susan

Sue and Susan met with Roger Thompson and Don Harris earlier in the week to discuss the next steps.  The immediate plan was to stabilize the product, which has pretty much been done.  There is one patch pending that is still being tested.  The intermediate plan is to get current with versions (e.g., Singularity v 12).  While we are technically 2 versions, soon to be 3 versions (with v 12) behind, we do have many “pieces” already applied to what we currently have in production.  This makes support of the product problematic.  IS would like to clone the Singularity production database to a test instance in June, which would provide a robust and more realistic testing environment for v 12.  The longer term plan is to replace the Singularity product, which Hyland has announced they will support but no longer develop.  This will likely involve a product search.  PSU is in the process of contracting Hyland to migrate them off of Singularity to OnBase.  They hope to be fully migrated by the eoy, which would provide UO with some useful information.  The timing would be good since UO probably won’t have time to look at any long term solutions until then. Sue and Susan plan to follow up next week with a school that Hyland recommended they contact for feedback on how their Singularity-to-OnBase migration went.

  1. IDR update – Sue and Susan

The test database is in place but the security and roles still need to be set up.  It is expected that Infolink will provide the necessary information by the end of April so that IS can complete the work.  The next step will be to develop reports that provide operating ledger information.  Infolink is still working on the functional specs for this first round of reporting.  The IDR Policy sub-committee has rewritten the UO security policy and drafted a position description for a CISO for consideration by the UO administration. 

New issues

  1. IT Program Review – Sue & Susan

Sue and Susan are both on the IT Program Review committee that Mike Bullis chairs.  The purpose of the IT Program Review is to look at how IT is structured across campus at the UO and to get some feedback as to what works well and recommendations for what might be done differently.  Three consultants

will be on campus May 2 and May 3 to meet with various people and groups. 


Items of interest

  1. Summit attendees, as well as anyone else who may be interested, are invited to an informal recap of the conference: Tuesday, April 24, 1:45 p.m. EMU Alsea Room.