University of Oregon

BCG Minutes: May 17, 2012


Banner Coordinating Group

Attending:  Sue Eveland, Noreen Hogan (for Susan Hilton), Jim Gilmour, Kirk Koenig, Mark McCulloch, Kerry Davis

Guests: Daniel Mundra, Ben Brinkley from CASIT

Absent: JP Monroe, Brian Henley, Kelly Wolf, Stuart Laing

Information Services report

  1. Metrocluster upgrade scheduled for Saturday, June 2: The Network Storage infrastruture used for the virtual server infrastructure and other network storage is being upgraded between 9am and 4pm.  The IS Systems group does not expect any service outages, but if something goes wrong the impact will be widespread.  Systems that would be affected include Email, Blackboard, INB, Document Imaging, UO web site as well as many others.  Duckweb would not be affected.  The IS Help Desk will be staffed that day in case there are problems to provide a central contact point. An email notification is going out to all faculty, staff, and students on Monday, May 21.
  2. Appworx Upgrade June 3:  Appworx (UC4) is being upgraded and moved to a new server infrastructure.  Expected down time is between 9am and 2pm.  This upgrade includes a move from a 32bit to a 64bit environment so all batch programs must be recompiled.  Appworx test has been upgraded and is available for testing.  Sue mentioned that the transcript printers don't always come up after an Appworx outage.  Noreen will make sure this is on the upgrade checklist.
  3. The next Banner upgrade is scheduled for August 11-12. A “soft” freeze of Banner test will be put in place on June 6,  meaning that only objects impacted by the upgrades with be frozen at this time.

On-going projects/issues/updates

  1. CRM - Sue

The Talisma contract is being worked on and is close to being signed.  The plan is to go with the vendor hosted option for at least the first year.  The current timeline has the Registar's Office and Financial Aid going live in February 2013.   A new position was added for an Assistant Registrar for Technology and candidates are currently being interviewed.

  1. IDR - Sue

IDR project is moving forward.  Sue and Mark met with IS this week to discuss the access request process.  There is a steering committee meeting on Friday.

  1. CAS request for LDAP attributes - Noreen

Daniel Mundra and Ben Brinkley from CASIT attended to provide information on their request to access the central LDAP Proxy service to query public directory data for deparmental web pages that contain faculty and staff profiles.  Noreen explained that a service user could be configured with access to public directory data via the proxy and this could be used by the sites to pull this data into the profile.  This would be preferable to someone using their individual access to collect and re-serve the data which would not be considered appropriate use of their access.  Another advantage of the LDAP proxy is that it will provide data consistent with what is displayed in the public directory and Find People site.  Noreen will draft a new request form similar to the Shibboleth Attribute Request Form that will be used for requesting access to the LDAP proxy.  Once the new form is reviewed and approved, she will provide the form to CASIT so their request can be routed to the appropriate data stewards for approval.