University of Oregon

BCG Minutes: Thursday, July 19


Banner Coordinating Group

Attending:  Sue Eveland, Susan Hilton, Jim Gilmour, Kirk Koenig, Mark McCulloch; Judy Duff

Absent: JP Monroe, Brian Henley, Kelly Wolf, Stuart Laing

Guest:  Brad Shelton, Vice-Provost for Budget and Planning

Topic: Remote Access to Data
The IDR Policy Group has drafted new policy for remote access to data, and Susan and Brad shared the proposal with the BCG. The current Banner policy states that remote access is not allowed, which many people have ignored. The IDR Policy Group realized that it was not feasible to have separate remote access policies for Cognos and for Banner, which is the reason for the general remote access to “data” effort. The group reviewed copies of the proposed policy and discussion ensued. IS will draft a remote access form that an employee’s supervisor would need to sign and keep on file, prior to an employee being permitted to work remotely. Remote access would require the use of the UO VPN.

Information Services report

  1. Banner upgrade is still on for August 11-12. The Banner module leaders have been in touch with the core offices to coordinate testing.
  2. Sue Eveland said her office had update the Banner Production Calendar and urged others to do the same: Kirk reported that he had updated the calendar with the critical processing dates for Admissions as well.
  3. Susan distributed the 2012-13 project timeline for review and comment.
  4. IS is preparing to clone the Singularity production database to test.
  5. Per the recommendation of the IT Program Review and the directive of the Provost, IS instructional technology support services are moving to the Library to merge with their similar services. This will include 4 FTE moving from IS to the Library, as well.
  6. Melissa Woo, CIO, starts Sep 4th.

On-going projects/issues/updates

  1. CRM – The contract with Campus Management for the Talisma constituency relationship management (CRM) product has been signed.
  2. Document imaging (Singularity) – Sue & Susan
    Hyland still reports that v12 will be available by the end of the month. The plan will be to put it into the newly created test instance for users to test asap.  It will go into production in October. In the meantime, it would be good to do a product review and find a replacement solution.
  3. 3. IDR update – Susan
    IS will post a revised timeline for the IDR project on the web within the next couple of weeks, once the IDR Steering Committee has had a chance to review and approve it, and IS takes on support of the IDR website. Functional training has been scheduled for a small group of FIS report writers in August and September. The Steering Committee is in the process of recruiting that group. IS is working with the Steering Committee to draft access forms, define roles, and identify processes and procedures that will need to be in place prior to the October launch of the financial data. IS has suggested that they start loading HR data in October but that is not definite. Nor is a date to begin work on the student data, although late Spring is a possibility. 

New issues

  1. IT

Items of interest

  1. The August BCG meeting has been canceled.