University of Oregon

BCG Minutes: Thursday, November 15, 2012


Attending:  Jim Blick, Susan Hilton, Jim Gilmour, Kirk Koenig, Judy Duff

Absent: JP Monroe, Brian Henley, Kelly Wolf, Stuart Laing, Mark McCulloch, Kerry Davis, Sue Eveland

Guest:  Tim Ketchum (IS)

Information Services report

  1. December maintenance (Dec 15-16): IS will be applying some Red Hat updates to DuckWeb as well as performing an Oracle 11G Application Server upgrade.  Systems will be doing some work on the MetroCluster fabric that they don’t believe will impact anything. 

The BCG-approved maintenance weekends for 2013 have been posted to the Banner Production Calendar and Susan asked that people review them for accuracy, if they haven’t done so already.


On-going projects/issues/updates

  1. IDR project – Susan

IS is working with BAO to validate the finance data in the data warehouse.  Mark is meeting with finance users to determine what reports are needed.  The HR data will be looked at next.


  1. Add employee emergency contact information to DuckWeb

Note from IS:  Turning this on should be pretty straightforward.  The downside is that it adds a third way to enter emergency contact information, which could be confusing and/or contribute to conflicting emergency contact information.  Baseline Banner provides 3 completely different ways for collecting and storing emergency contact information, two of which we are already using:

1) SPRADDR -- User enters information via DuckWeb CURRENTLY IN USE

2) SORFOLK -- Banner user or batch job enters the information, which is displayed in the Banner SOAFOLK form.  CURRENTLY IN USE

3) SPREMRG -- User enters information via DuckWeb.  Data is displayed in Banner PPAIDEN, SPAIDEN, etc. forms.  NOT CURRENTLY IN USE

Judy wants to proceed with #3.  She said she had talked with Sonia Potter and Human Resources and they are all in agreement.  There was no objection with the BCG members present other than concern that people won’t know that emergency contact information could potentially be in more than one place and differ, particularly for student employees.  The request:  allow employees to enter contact information in DuckWeb, the information should be displayed on the emergency contact page that RO created, and RO should address messaging with student employees

New issues

  1. Remote Access to Banner – Jim Gilmour

What is the status of the revised policy?  Susan said that the policy is on its way to the ELT, per Brad Shelton.


Items of interest

  1. Ellucian Annual Users Conference – April 7-10, 2013

It will be in Philadelphia this year.