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Telecommunications Billing System - PCR360


PCR360 - The UofO's new telecommunications billing system

Information Services is implementing PCR360 for managing billing for network, telecommunications, and related services.  

Why the change?

Our legacy system, TCMS, is no longer supported or available beyond December 2017.    TCMS was deprecated as part of the dissolution of iNOC, a consortium supported by all the (former) OUS schools.

Who's affected?

UO Staff who had accounts in TCMS to view departmental phone billing have access to PCR360, which provides similar access to billing information.  

As with TCMS, all departmental phone coordinators have access to PCR360.  In addition, some departments request access for financial staff, managers, or related roles that need to view telecommunications billing.

Please note that your TCMS credentials will not work in PCR360, see below for login instructions and information for the new system.

When does the change go in place?

The last bill run in TCMS was for the 10/21/2017 - 11/20/2017 billing cycle.  The billing for 11/21/2017 - 12/20/2017 and henceforth will happen in PCR360.  We anticipate the December billing will be available for viewing in early January.

What services are affected by this change?

Initially, the user-affecting change is a new website to view your department's telecommunications billing (see below).  You may also notice some differences in how notification email is formatted and where it originates.

Behind the scenes, PCR360 allows us to consolidate our cable records, billing records, and work order activity into a single system.


Accessing PCR360

PCR360 is available at from campus IP addresses only.  

If you are off campus but need to access PCR360, you will need to VPN to campus first, and then open the PCR360 web page.

PCR360 uses your UO login credentials (your TCMS login information will not work in PCR360).  When presented with the Login Required screen, enter your UO DuckID for your username and your current DuckID password.  Click the Login button.


On login the first item you will see is a popup screen.  You can click "View My Bill" to open the bill, or you can close the window by clicking "close":


Alternatively in the upper-left corner you can click "Billing" then "View Bill":


Viewing your bill:

  • The "Bill Date Range" selector will allow you to select the period you view.  It defaults to the most recent bill.  As the system is new, the oldest billing will be the November - December 2017 billing.
  • The "Charge Account" selector allows you to show results based on any active UO Index(es) and activity code pairings present in the bill.  "All" is selected by default.
  • The "View Bill By" selector lets you toggle between totals by Index vs type of customer ("cash", "admin", "student", or "all").  For most UO Departments, "all" or "admin" are the only useful choices here.
  • The "Download as: PDF | CSV" options allows you to download your bill in one of these two formats and allows you the ability to save the data locally.

    Here's an example bill.  Note that you can click on the small right facing triangles to expand the detail.

At any time you can return to the main billing screen by clicking on the logo in the upper left corner. It will look like one of these:



If you have any questions or have problems usign the system, please contact Telecom via the Telephone & Voicemail service or call our office at 541-346-6387

Thank you!