University of Oregon

UO Blogs: Setting Up Your First Blog


In order to set up your first blog, follow these steps:

2)  On the welcome page, choose 'UO Courses' or 'All Other Sites':
For the course blog option, click "UO Courses" and then click Login to proceed:
For all other sites, click "All Other Sites" and then click Login to proceed:
3)  On the following screen, click the Use My DuckID button and log in with your DuckID:
4)  Submit your DuckID credentials to Shibboleth for secure access:
5) On first login, you will be directed to the UO Blogs homepage.
7)  Give your site a site name this cannot be change and a title which can be changed later, select language, privacy options, and then click the Create Site button to make it official!
Note: Your site name has to meet the following criteria:
  • Use only lowercase letters and numbers
  • No special characteristics, dashes, underscores, dots, or spaces can be used
  • Must be at least 4 characters long
Now that you have created your first site, you may want to investigate how to submit your first post, edit your theme, etc. To find out more on these topics, visit from within UO Blogs or the following links form the UO IT web site:
As always, if you need in person support please consult with your local IT support organization or the Technology Service Desk.