University of Oregon

Software Buyer's Guide


Required Software

Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X are the two most common and most supported operating systems on campus. Microsoft Office is used widely. UO has made Microsoft Office and OneDrive, cloud file storage similar to DropBox, available to all UO students, faculty, and staff at no cost. For more information, see Microsoft Office 365.

When selecting an operating system and application software, contact your department to see if they have specific recommendations. 

For example, due to course requirements, Architecture & Allied Arts ask their students to buy Adobe Creative Suite.

Licensed Software: software for free!

Before you buy software, check to see if it's available to you already by checking the Software Center on this web site. Microsoft Office is available to all UO students, faculty, and staff at no cost. See Microsoft Office 365 for more information.

When buying a large number of software licenses, consider working with other units across campus to leverage the best possible price. The Site License Advisory Group or the Site License administrator may be able to help.

Buying Software

If you're looking to make a personal purchase (where you're spending your own money, not university or grant funds), here are several places to get some software at education discount prices:

University purchases are those made with university or grant funds. Here are two places to get education discount prices:

OETC requires a username and password to shop. Contact Purchasing and Contracting Services for that information.

Buying Hardware

See the Buyer's Guide.