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Calendar Sharing in Exchange


Exchange & Calendars

One of the benefits of Exchange is that it allows people to share calendars with each other, and to have access to public calendars, such as for Conference Rooms. This document explains how to view those calendars.

Viewing Someone Elses' Calendar


  1. Open your Calendar in Outlook
  2. Go to File -> Open Other User’s Folder...
  3. Make sure “Folder type” is set to Calendar
  4. Click the "Name" and find the user or room you want

Sharing Your Calendar with Someone Else


  1. Right-click on your calendar
  2. Choose Properties
  3. Click on the Permissions tab
  4. Click Add...
  5. Search for the person you would like to grant permissions to
  6. Select them, then hit OK
  7. Choose a Permission Level, for example:
    • Editor: Can Read & Write
    • Reviewer: Can only Read
  8. Click OK