University of Oregon

Department-managed cellular plans


As Information Services ends its cellular device account management service, each department may choose to manage the cellular plans of its employees migrating off this service, at the department's discretion.

If the department chooses not to take on this responsibility, the remaining option for its employees is employee ownership with reimbursement.

For departments choosing to manage cellular accounts:

  1. Before placing a request, identify two staff members (a primary and an alternate) who can have full access to the departmental cellular carrier account.
  2. Announce the change internally and/or coordinate with other departmental support staff.  It's important to avoid creating multiple carrier accounts for the same department. If you are a smaller organization, check if your larger parent department is planning to provide this role.
  3. Determine which carrier(s) you require accounts with: Verizon, AT&T, or both.
  4. Fill out a request form here:
    (you will need to log in with your Duck ID and password)

    The carriers ask for the following information in order to set up the account: a primary contact, an alternate contact, a shipping address and a billing address. The primary and alternate contacts have access to the carrier account and the ability to add/change/view services, the shipping address is where new devices will be sent, the biling address is where the carrier bill will be sent.

    The form collects this information and opens a work ticket to track your request.
  5. Telecom staff will forward the request to the cellular company.  Please allow three weeks for it to be set up.
  6. Telecom staff will work with you to identify the cellular accounts migrating to your departmental account.  We will do this via the work ticket.

If you have any questions, please contact Telecom via the Telephone & Voicemail service or call at 541-346-6387.