University of Oregon

Employee-owned cellular plans with reimbursement


As Information Services ends its cellular device account management service, employees with UO-purchased cellular devices on plans currently managed by Information Services have the option of taking over their own cell plan and keeping the same cell number.

(Alternatively, departments may opt to take over management of cellular plans for their employees.)

There are two components to this:

  1. Transferring control of the cellular account from Information Services to the employee
  2. Requesting reimbursement via the Mobile Technology Allowance

Transferring control of the cellular account from Information Services to the employee

This process allows you to keep the cell number you've been using and take financial responsibility for your account. Information Services staff can assist with this as long as you are keeping your current cellular carrier (Verizon or AT&T). If you are switching carriers, contact us, but our ability to assist is limited, and you may need to simply get a new number from your new carrier.

  1. Determine with your department whether they will allow you to continue using the cellular device (it's UO property). This will determine whether you're just shopping for a plan or shopping for a plan plus a device.
  2. Check with your department and determine how the Mobile Technology Allowance is administered.  Your department determines how this applies and at what tier. 

    When ready to proceed with ownership of your plan:
  3. Fill ouy the web form here and click Submit (log in with your Duck ID and password):

    This creates a request in our ticket system.   We will put a note in your account authorizing the change of ownership, and we will reply to you via email to give you your current plan details.  We will also send you instructions for completing the transfer of ownership process.

    Please allow a few business days for us to process your request.


Requesting reimbursement via the Mobile Technology Allowance

Your department should be able to provide information on the Mobile Technology Allowance reimbursement and how these requests are handled within the department. Often this function is handled by your HR, payroll, or financial support staff.

We suggest submitting your Mobile Technology Allowance reimbursement (MTAPOR) forms by June 15, 2017, for a July 1 start date. That aligns with Business Affairs reauthorization timing for these reimbursements. Alternatively, if you submit these forms sooner, you will have to do it again for the annual renewal in early June. Business Affairs requires departments and staff to reauthorize their Mobile Technology allowance reimbursement each fiscal year.

If you have any questions, please contact Telecom via the Telephone & Voicemail service or call (541) 346-6387.