University of Oregon

Video: How to Claim Your Duck ID


This video shows how to claim your Duck ID, which gives you access to UO services such as Webmail, Canvas, and the campus wifi:

Here is a written version of these instructions:
  1. Make sure you have your UO ID (95#) and PAC provided to you through the university. If you do not know your 95# or PAC, contact the Office of the Registrar at 541-346-2935.
  2. Go to
  3. Click Claim Your Duck ID.
  4. Log in with your 95# and PAC.
  5. Read the Acceptable Use Policy. If you understand the policy and agree to follow it, click the checkbox next to I Agree. Click the button at the bottom to move forward.
  6. Set password recovery options (optional). The email address and/or SMS cell phone number you provide will be used to recover access to your account if you forget your password. Click Next.
  7. Set your security questions. If you do not want to use password recovery by email or SMS, you will use the security questions to recover access to your account if you forget your password. Make sure you will be able to remember the answers. Click Next.
  8. Select your Duck ID from the options provided. Click Next. NOTE: If the only Duck IDs available to you are inappropriate in any language or if you are transitioning and you would like your name to reflect that (if you provided a nickname you should be able to use that as a Duck ID), please contact Information Services for assistance.
  9. Set your password. Read the password policy carefully and create a secure password. Click Next.
  10. Your Duck ID claiming is now complete.

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Service Desk.

For more information about your Duck ID, see UO Accounts: Duck ID and UO ID Number.