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UO Blogs: Domain Mapping


NOTE: Information Services is working on a formal approval process for all * domains. Due to this, the response times for custom domain requests typically run between 4 business days and 2 weeks. 


UO Blogs has the ability to map to custom '' domains. For example, UO Blogs sites ('<sitename>') can be mapped to a '<sitename>'.

If are you interested in having your UO Blogs site mapped to a ' ' domain, please read through the guidelines and fill out the form below. If your request meets the specified guidelines, the Tech Desk will process your request and you will be contacted when your site has successfully been mapped.

For further information, please contact the Technology Service Desk.


  • Only departments, administrative units, and ASUO-recognized groups are eligible for a hostname
    • Students are not eligible
    • Individual faculty or staff websites are not eligible
    • Hostnames for blog use are not eligible
    • Each site can have only one host name
  • The site that you would like a hostname for must exist prior to submitting your request
  • The requestor must be the owner of the site and a permanent faculty or staff member
  • The hostname must be lowercase, with no spaces, special characteristics, or symbols and is limited to 15 characters or less
  • The hostname must be descriptive of your department or administrative unit
  • If the hostname you are requesting is currently in use, the Tech Desk will work with you to find a hostname that is not in use and still meets the departments/ administrative unit’s needs
  • Owner(s) of the site are responsible for managing their own content and complying with the Terms of Service for Academic Web Publishing and Collaboration Services
  • For IT support, please contact your local IT support group. If your department or administrative unit does not have local IT support, please send an email to

The domain name format will be and must meet the following criteria: lowercase, no spaces, special characteristics, or symbols and limited to 15 characters or less

The UO Blogs site must exist prior to domain mapping.

Please provide a description of your site.

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