University of Oregon

Duck ID website has new features!


The new Duck ID website offers an improved design and convenient, new features:

  • Two new ways to reset your Duck ID password:
    • email using an alternate email address
    • text messages (text message rates apply)
  • An expanded set of security questions, which makes it easier to pick questions and recall answers
  • A new, cleaner interface

This new service went live on Wednesday, April 17.

Available now at

  • Changing a password
  • Changing an expired password
  • Resetting a password using security questions
  • Resetting a password using the new, alternate reset methods of text message or alternate email address (only available if you have set up that feature since April 17)
  • Setting or removing email auto-response (vacation mail) for IMAP mail
  • Having credentialing agents reset passwords
  • Viewing storage quotas for IMAP mail
  • IMAP to Exchange mail migration utility