University of Oregon

Duck ID website to get upgrade and new features


Beginning at 7pm on Friday, April 12, we will be upgrading the Duck ID website,

The new site offers an improved design and convenient, new features:

  • Two new ways to reset your Duck ID password:
    • email using an alternate email address
    • text messages (text message rates apply)
  • An expanded set of security questions, which makes it easier to pick questions and recall answers
  • A new, cleaner interface

Starting at 7pm on Friday, April 12, you will not be able to change your password or claim a Duck ID. Web logins will continue to work as usual. (In technical terms, Shibboleth, CAS, LDAP, and AD logins will not be affected.)

NOTE: This project is taking longer than estimated. We are working to have the service available as soon as possible today (Tuesday, April 16).

Below is a preview of the new web site:

The new front page of, which will be launched in mid-April. (Click to zoom)