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University of Oregon E-mail


This page covers e-mail basics. If you are faculty or staff, check with your local computer support group for help setting up an e-mail client. 

The university has a policy regarding email. See the Use of E-mail for Official University Communication.

How do I set up an account?
You need your Duck ID to log in to e-mail. For information see Duck ID.

What's my e-mail address?
Your e-mail address is your Duck ID username plus "", as in ""

For Faculty and Staff
Many departments, schools, and colleges have their own e-mail systems (often referred to as Exchange servers) that provide e-mail and calendaring. Contact your local computer support group for information specific to your area.

Things to know about your account:

  • It will not accept attached files larger than 25MB
  • Duck ID passwords expire once every 180 days

How to read e-mail

NOTE: If you don't know whether you use Exchange or IMAP, see How do I know if my email uses Exchange or IMAP?

Other e-mail functions
For other e-mail functions, including mail forwarding and spam filtering, see Manage Your E-mail.

Do I get to keep my account?
The university does not offer life-long e-mail accounts. How long you keep your account depends on your status. For example, students retain access for one year after the end of class enrollment. For other groups see the Affiliation Resource Access Rules.

Can't log in?
Change your Duck ID password.