University of Oregon

Configuring Exchange on a Palm Treo


The Palm Treo is capable of synchronizing your mail through Exchange over the cell phone network, similar to an iPhone.

To set up Exchange on a Treo:

  1. Click on Versamail. If you have already tried to add your UO Exchange account and it hasn't worked, delete it now.
  2. Go to Menu, then Add Account
  3. Add a Microsoft ActiveSync account
  4. Enter "ad\duckid" as the user (duckid is the first part of your email, such as "jsmith" for "")
  5. Enter your email password
  6. In the next screen, enter

To download mail, go into Versamail and click Sync. When it is done syncing, you should see all of your new mail. Syncing in this way will also synchronize calendar events. Contact do not appear to be synchronized via Exchange on the Treo at this time.

Note: If your calendar is not synchronized completely, go to the Calendar program, press the menu drop-down button, and choose "Sync Calendar".