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How can I import my content from another blog?


You can easily import a Wordpress blog to your UO Blog!

When importanting content from a Wordpress blog each post and page will be assigned to a current user on your UO Blog. Make sure you add the user, which you wish to assign post and pages to, to your blog before you go through this proccess. Currently you cannot create a new user during the process.

In Wordpress:

1. Log into your Wordpress dashboard

2. Go to Tools > Export

3. Choose "Download Export File" and save it to your hard drive.

In your UO Blog:

4. Log into your dashboard

5. Go to Tools > Import

6. Choose "Wordpress"

7. Click "Choose File" and browse to find the file you saved earlier

8. Click "Upload file and import"

9. Assign the posts to an existing user by selecting the user from the drop down menu labeled "-Select-". *Please Note* you must select a user from  the drop down menu. Using the "Import author" function will not work.

10. If you wish to include file attachments with the posts be sure to check the box under "Import Attachments"

NOTE: The site in which you are exporting content from, the privacy settings must be set as public in order to import the images into your new site. 

11. Click "Submit"

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