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Gatekeeper Security Settings in OS X


In OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and OS X 10.9 Mavericks, there are new default security settings. These new settings make it so that one can only download applications that were written by authorized Apple Developers. This means you can't download any application that isn't on the Mac App Store. For example, if you try to download Mozilla Firefox, an error message will appear that tells you there is a problem with the download. There isn't actually a problem with the download, it's just being blocked by the security settings.

For a more detailed explanation, see MacWorld's article, "Sneaking past the Gatekeeper" (Nov. 26, 2012).

To change these settings, follow these steps:

1. In the menu bar, click the apple and select System Preferences...


2. In System Preferences, click on the icon labeled Security & Privacy.


3. Make sure the system preferences are unlocked. If they aren't, click the lock icon and enter your computer password.


4. Now click on the tab labeled General.


5. On the lower portion of the window, there is an area labeled as Allow applications downloaded from:


6. The default setting for this feature is Mac App Store and identified developers.


7. Change this, by selecting the setting Anywhere.


8. A window will appear asking you to verify your decision. Select Allow from anywhere.


9. Now you can close System Preferences and download files without prompting warnings.