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How to Sponsor a Guest for Wireless Network Access - Pre-2016 Instructions


These instructions are out of date as of January 22, 2016, when the website was updated. We're providing these old instructions as a reference point while sponsors orient to the new website design. You can find current instructions here.

In order to use Network Guest Access for the UO wireless network, the guest needs a sponsor. The sponsor will typically have some relationship with the guest and the sponsor will take responsibility for the actions of the guest while they are using the University of Oregon network. 

Staff or faculty at service desks (library reference desk, Technology Service Desk, or event support staff) will not generally sponsor guests unless they have invited the guest to campus or are asked to sponsor the guest by an eligible sponsor.

If you are a sponsor for a guest, you will need to use the wireless sponsor’s system to sponsor said guest and enter pertinent information about the guest to give them Internet connectivity on campus.

IMPORTANT: Please do not provide a single account for multiple guests. If this is done and there is any problem with any user on that account, that single account could be revoked, which will affect all of your guests. Please provide an individual account for each guest.

How to Sponsor a Guest

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Here you will be prompted to login using your Duck ID and password as shown below.

    Sponsor Page

  3. Once logged in, click “Add New Sponsorship” as shown below.Add new sponsor
  4. Add the e-mail address of the person you are sponsoring. NOTE: If you are sponsoring multiple e-mail addresses you will need to enter them in the box separated by spaces, commas, or returns, much like adding multiple addresses to an e-mail.
  • For example, if you are helping host a conference of your peers and you have a spreadsheet that lists all the attendees, including a column that has their email addresses, all you have to do is open the spreadsheet, select the column, copy it to the clipboard, and then go to the web browser where you have the above page open and paste the list of email addresses. 
  • You also need to choose a start date and end date for your sponsorship. (Note: A normal faculty/staff can only sponsor someone for 7 days, a dean, VP or above can sponsor for 75 days/1 term, and the CIO or designee can sponsor for 3 years).Sponsor data
  1. After filling out the form, click “Sponsor these accounts”. You will be routed to the final page of the sponsor process. This will show the user name and password of each account you are sponsoring. At the bottom, you will see two buttons: Individual Handout and Bulk Handout. An individual handout provides a full-page handout for your guest(s) that includes their user name and one-time password as well as detailed instructions on how to use the Network Guest Access system. The bulk handout provides no instructions and prints the username and passwords one per line. The bulk handout is useful for those who want to preserve paper and are pretty sure that their guests are technically savvy and can figure out how to use the system. Either of these options will provide you with a PDF that can be printed and given to your users.
  • To sponsor multiple accounts, follow the steps below.

Bulk sponsor data input

  • After clicking “Sponsor these accounts,” you will be routed to a page showing the UO Guest User name and password for all the sponsored accounts. This page also gives you the link for a “Bulk Handout” PDF to give to your guests.The bulk handout button
  • The PDF file will be automatically downloaded after clicking “Bulk Handout"Guest password hand-out

  1. Print out the form and give to your guest. They can follow the steps to gain connectivity to the UO Guest Wireless network.
  2. Return to the Sponsor Page or Logout and your sponsorship is complete!

You may notice that some guests you sponsor show as already having a password. This is indicated as follows:Hand-out for individuals

This means that this guest had been sponsored in the past and when the logged in at some previous visit had created a new password.  The password that they selected on their previous visit will not be changed and will be the same one they set up last time they were on campus.

Sponsor's Responsibilities

As the sponsor of a guest, you are responsible for assisting them in getting on the network. A common problem people have is that they forget the password. As their sponsor, you can reset their password by following this procedure:  log onto, click on the Manage Existing Sponsorships, find the guest in the list of people you’ve sponsored (notice that there is an alphabet at the top of the list – you can click on the first letter of the guest email and just look at the guests you’ve sponsored whose email begins with that letter), and click on the “reset password” link beside the guest. This will provide you with a new password that should be given to that guest.