University of Oregon

Battery Drain on iPhone and iPad when Using Exchange


Microsft Exchange is the service many UO faculty and staff use for calendars and email. Exchange can be used on iOS devices, which include iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.

Some users have experienced a battery drain in their device after performing certain actions involving  Exchange calendars. The problem occurs when accepting an "exception" in the calender. This means that there is a re-occuring event in the calander that is altered for one specific instance. Reportedly, when this action takes place, the battery on the iOS device begins to drain.

To solve this issue, you can turn the calender off and then back on again. This will break the link/cycle and return your battery life to normal. Apple reports that fixing the problem can also be achieved by installing the iOS 6.1.2 update. Even if you're unsure if you're experiencing this issue, running software updates is always a good idea.

You can check for updates for your iOS device by tapping on Settings, then General, then Software Updates. If the update has already been installed the following page will read "iOS 6.1.2 Your software is up to date."

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