University of Oregon

Identity Management - LDAP Directory Schema


LDAP Directory Schema

Person Schema:

Object class Attribute description # Values Use
eduPerson (auxiliary) eduPersonAffiliation faculty, staff, student,employee, affiliate, member multi  
  eduPersonNickname Preferred First Name    
  eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation   single  
posixAccount gidNumber GID for Unix systems single  
  homeDirectory Home directory on Unix Systems single  
  loginShell Login shell for Unix systems single  
  uidNumber User ID number for Unix Systems single  
uoPerson (structural) uoUuid Permanent unique identifier from Authorize single Internal
  uoPersonAffiliation administrative faculty, associate, courtesy, emeritus, faculty, fixed short term faculty, fixed term enduring faculty, gtf, retired, staff, student, student employee, temporary employee multi White Pages
  uoConfidential Entry confidential (FERPA) single White Pages
  uoUsage Public or internal single White Pages
  uoDirectoryName eduPersonNickname (or) givenName + Middle Initial(.) + sn Single White Pages
  uoBannerID Banner ID Single Banner UO ID
  uoHomeOrgnCode Employee Home Organization Code Single  
  uoHomeDeptDesc Employee Home Department Description Single  
  uoEmplStatus Derive from Banner job status Single  
  uoEmplDept1 Primary job department Single White Pages
  uoEmplTitle1 Primary job title Single White Pages
  uoEmplDept2 Secondary job department Single White Pages
  uoEmplTitle2 Secondary job title Single White Pages
  uoOfficeLocation UO Street Line 1

n UO City

n UO State

n UO Zip

Single White Pages
  uoOfficePhone UO phone Single White Pages
  uoStudentLevel Level for current term Single White Pages
  uoStudentMajor1 Primary major for current term Single White Pages
  uoStudentMajor All majors for current term Multi  
  uoStudentMinor All minors for current term Multi  
  uoStudentDept Department for major Single Authorize
  uoStudentCurTerm Current term code Single White Pages
  uoStudentCurStatus Eligible, Registered, None for current term Single White Pages
  uoStudentHousing Y/N Single Telecom
  uoHousingLocation dorm, residence hall, or appartment complex name Single Telecom
uorestrictattribute (auxiliary) uoRestrictAttributeInternal attributes with internal access only multi White Pages
  uoRestrictAttributePublic public attributes multi White Pages
  uoRestrictAttributeRestricted attributes with restricted access multi White Pages
uoResource (auxiliary) uoResourceAccess Services that this entry has access to. multiple Authorization
uoSearchEntry (auxiliary) uoSearchString Search terms for this entry. multiple White Pages
uoMember uoHasMember identifiers for members of the group multi  
  uoIsMemberOf contains groups that this entity is a member of multi  
inetOrgPerson displayName eduPersonNickname (or) givenName + sn    
  givenName Preferred First Name or Nickname or Legal First Name    
  homePhone MA or PR phone from Banner Multi White Pages
  homePostalAddress MA or PR address from Banner Multi White Pages
  mail UO email from Banner or ? for non-banner entities Multi White Pages
  uid Primary username from Authorize (DuckID) Multi Authentication
organizationalPerson ou (organizationalUnitName) uoEmplDept1 UoEmplDept2 Multi Use?
  title uoEmplTitle1 Multi  
person cn givenName + Middle Initial + sn    
  sn Preferred Last Name or Legal Last Name    
  telephoneNumber HomePhone or uoOfficePhone   White Pages