University of Oregon

Wireless Enhancement Project


Objective: Replace the oldest WiFi network components to partially mitigate WiFi stability problems

Status: In progress

Goal Completion Date: 12/31/2013 (revised)

Project Sponsor(s): Melissa Woo

Project Manager(s): Tony Saxman Scott Genung

Project Statement:
Information Services is aware of the WiFi network problems. WiFi has three main issues: capacity, coverage, and stability. All three issues will require significant funding to solve.

We heard from many of you that WiFi is a critical component for teaching, learning, and conducting business at the University. With that in mind, we decided to replace the oldest set of WiFi equipment on campus using funds borrowed from reserves earmarked for other areas in our unit. This will allow us to address the stability issue, but not capacity or coverage at this time.

During the WiFi Stability Project, we will:

  • replace the oldest one third of the WiFi equipment
  • replace network switches as needed
  • upgrade software that helps run and manage the WiFi network
  • increase back end network capacity for WiFi
  • make improvements to the configuration of the WiFi network so that the network will recover more efficiently if a key WiFi component fails

This project is planned to be completed by December 31, 2013. (new date)

The other dimension of the WiFi issue—capacity and coverage—remains to be addressed. Some schools and colleges encounter capacity and coverage problems more often than others, and we are exploring options with them.

Work schedule:

  • June 2013 through 9/23/13: complete upgrade to core of wireless network; move access points to new infrastructure
  • 9/24: Replace old WiFi access points in Lillis Hall
  • October 14 through December 31, 2013: Replace old WiFi access points across campus. Completed and scheduled upgrades include:
    • Oct. 14-Oct. 18: Knight Library
    • Oct. 14-Oct. 16: Lawrence Hall
    • Nov. 6: Friendly Hall, Deady Hall, Streisinger Hall, and the Museum of Art
    • Nov. 8: School of Law
    • Nov. 11:
      • Hendricks Hall
      • Collier House
      • Gerlinger Hall
      • Alder Building (818 E. 15th Ave)
      • Bowerman Building
      • Hayward Field
    • Nov. 13:
      • Volcanology
      • Riley Hall
      • Hamilton Hall
      • Rainier Building
      • Esslinger Hall
      • Student Recreation Center
    • Nov. 18 through Nov. 22:
      • College of Education
      • Romania warehouse
      • Fine Arts and Millrace 1, 2, and 3
      • CPS and Facility Services buildings
      • Carson Hall
      • Walton Hall
      • Miller Theatre
    • Winter break, 2013: the rest of the project