University of Oregon

IT Service Management


Information Services has been hard at work on our IT Service Management (ITSM) program since September 2013. 

ITSM helps IT organizations shift their view of service delivery and support from a technology perspective to a service perspective by focusing on improving the quality of services and relationships with campus customers through a set of process-based best practices. 

Additionally, ITSM builds efficiency and helps IT organizations align their services with the needs of the university. 


Information Services (IS) is focusing on the following areas of ITSM:

  • Change Management to ensure that changes to the IT environment are carefully considered and reviewed to minimize the impact on campus users and existing services.
  • Incident Management to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible in the event of a service outage and minimize the adverse impact on university operations.
  • Service Catalog to provide a structured document with information about all live IT services. In other words, the Service Catalog is the menu from which our customers can order the services they need.
  • Service Desk to help eliminate customer frustration in trying to determine who to contact by serving as the single point of contact for Information Services.

As our current ITSM initiatives continue to grow and improve, additional processes will be added to help us achieve our goals.


Establish an IT Service Management community of practice at the University of Oregon where:

  • services are identified and added to a shared service catalog providing a foundation of technology access;
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are established to ensure an agreed level of service is being provided to the campus community;
  • duplication of services and efforts are avoided due to the collaborative nature of the IT environment; and
  • proactive measures are taken to ensure service availability and reliability.


To help improve the quality of IT services and enhance relationships with campus customers through education and implementation of service management using a set of process-based best practices.


  • Responsiveness: Minimize service disruption to maximize service value.
  • Reliability: Ensure consistency and accountability of IT services provided to faculty, staff, students and the greater UO community.
  • Effectiveness: Improve coordination and create alignment between IT services offered and the needs of the University.
  • Experience: Increase customer satisfaction through fewer contact points, better service quality, and less downtime.

If you have questions or would like more information about our ITSM program, please fill out our contact form.