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ITSM Metrics


Metrics provide a way to quantify the efforts of ITSM processes. Generally, organizations find that metrics show numerous benefits from these processes, demonstrating their value and validating the efforts spent implementing them. Additionally, metrics also help shine light on the opportunities that can be taken to improve processes and services overall.

For each process, it will be the responsibility of the Process Manager (i.e., Change Manager, Incident Manager, etc.) and/or Process Owner to report metrics each month.


Term Definition
Operational Metrics
  • Basic observations of operation.
  • Used to calculate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Calculated from one or more of the Operational Metrics.
  • Indicate performance level of operation or process.
  • Basis for actionable management decision. These are "the metrics that matter".
Process Targets/Warning Level
  • Also known as a tolerance range.
  • Upper and lower boundaries of how you expect KPIs to behave and operate.
  • An indication of when action needs to be taken (if KPI falls below lower threshold).
  • Are based on desired service and performance levels that will be tolerated.
Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
  • What must you do to be successful?
  • Calculated from one or more KPIs by comparing how those KPIs performed within the tolerance range.
  • Based on the lowest value observed in any one of the identified KPIs.
  • Represent key operational performance requirements that indicate whether a process is performing successfully from a customer perspective.
  • Identify which KPIs are related to the CSF.

KPI Categories

  • Compliance: Is the process being performed as documented in the policies and procedures?
  • Quality: Is the process being performed with high quality so as to achieve our defined objective and goals?
  • Performance: How fast or slow are people moving through the process? Are we sacrificing quality and value?
  • Value: Are we making a difference? Are we providing value to our customers (IT, business, etc.)?

Metric Spreadsheets

Summary Reports

  • Change Management

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