University of Oregon

Documentation for McAfee ePO Upgrade


On February 11, 2014, Information Services will be upgrading the central McAfee ePO server. The McAfee ePO server is a centralized service for managing our McAfee site license anti-virus software. 

Windows users running McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) 8.7 or earlier and/ or McAfee Management Agent 4.6 or earlier may experience some compatability issues after the ePO upgrade on 02/11/14, such as:

  • Pop up message saying that McAfee is out of date
  • VSE not checking in with the central ePO server to receive the latest updates
  • Your computer will be more vulnerable to malware attacks

We recommend that Windows users running VSE 8.7 or earlier and Management Agent 4.6 or earlier upgrade their applications.

To upgrade, follow these steps:

  1. Find Your Current Version of McAfee in Windows
  2. If you have VSE 8.7 or earlier and/or Management Agent 4.6 or ealier, then Uninstall McAfee Enterprise in Windows
  3. Install a newer version of McAfee by following the steps at How to Install McAfee VirusScan

For additional assistance, please contact the Technology Service Desk.