University of Oregon

Statement on January 28 service outage


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Information Services aims to keep downtime to a minimum during busy work times through the day and evening. Unfortunately, this morning's outage, which we resolved around 11:30am, interfered with part of the work day.

The outage began at 4am today and involved email and Webmail, wireless, VPN, and a few other services. The problem was caused by a small number of security certificates that did not get updated properly, which in turn prevented data from getting passed from one server to another.

As noted, email was affected for many this morning. Messages sent between people on the university's mail systems was delivered when service was restored. However, messages sent to University of Oregon addresses from other mail systems, such as Google, Yahoo!, or other universities, was returned to the sender with a "user unknown" error. Your correspondents can resend those messages now and they will be delivered correctly.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Information Services