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Virtual Host Name


Please be aware that Information Services is working on a formal approval process for all * domains. Due to this, the turn around time for this request may take up to a week. 

Virtual Host Guidelines

  • Only departments, administrative units, or ASUO-recognized groups are eligible for a virtual host.
    • Request by departments that need virtual hosts for programs / laboratories will most likely be approved if the program / laboratory in question has a expected lifespan of two years or more.
    • Short lived groups such a research projects and the like are not eligible.
    • Each department/unit/group can have only one virtual host.
  • Only accounts on are eligible for virtual hosts.
  • The account that you are creating the virtual host for must exist prior to submitting your virtual host request.
  • Due to the need for a long term point of contact, the owner of the virtual host and associated account needs to be a permanent staff or faculty member.
  • If the desired virtual hostname is already in use as a hostname, username, mailing list name, etc. the virtual host request form will return an error indicating that the requested name is already in use elsewhere.
  • The hostname must be lowercase, with no spaces, special characters, or symbols and is limited to 15 characters or less.
  • The hostname must be descriptive.
  • Due to the multi-step process of setting up a virtual host we ask that you do not submit a request until you are absolutely sure that the virtual hostname that your requesting is the one that you want to go with.
  • If the hostname is currently in use then add some comments telling us who owns it and how the transition should be handled.
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