University of Oregon

Adding a Page: Best Practices

Check for Existing Content

Before you create a new page, it is a good idea to check for pre-existing content. You can look for content in two ways:

  • Look at service categories (in the Services Directory) related to your content to see if any overlapping content already exists.
  • Search for similar content using the site search.

If you find content that is similar but can be enhanced by your information, you should edit the existing page(s). The goal is to minimize duplicated content on the site.

Tips for creating content

The IT site uses an organization method that depends on categorizing your content and relating it to other pieces of content. Here are a few tips to help you effectively use the structure of the site to get your content to the right audience:

Select an Audience

Every piece of content on the IT site can be associated with up to four audiences: Faculty/Staff, Researcher, Student and GTF. Identifying the appropriate audience helps users find your content using filters, where it might otherwise be omitted if the appropriate audience isn't selected.

Select Related Services

When you look at the Services Directory, every link is a service that can be related to your content.

To relate a service to your page, use the Related Services field to select a service. After you save, your content will be listed on the page for that service.