University of Oregon

Basic Concepts

This site runs on Drupal, a content management system. If you are familiar with Drupal, you can either skim this section or skip it entirely.

Basic Concept: Everything is in One Big Bin

Pages on this site are organized differently than old-style, static HTML sites. These old-style sites use directories to group pages and create web addresses.

This site is different: it throws every page into one big storage bin of pages; there are no directories.

Instead, you tag articles with target audiences, related services, and a service provider. These tags (in the form of the Services Directory) and a faceted, site-wide search, will help users find what they seek.

Basic Concept: Content Types

To control who has the ability to edit which pages, and to help display specific sets of information (such as information about computer labs) we've created a bunch of Content Types. When you log in to add or edit a page, you'll see a list of Content Types available to you in the Content Contributor's Menu, as shown below:


The items in this list change depending on where you work.

For more information on how these Content Types work, read Adding a Page: Content Types.

Basic Concept: Drafts and Content Approval

After creating or editing a page, that page will get submitted to the site editors as a draft for content approval. Our goal isn't to nit-pick grammar or verb your nouns, but rather to prevent possible abuse. Our goal is to approve content at least twice a day, each work day.

Once your page is approved, it will be available for the world to see.