University of Oregon

Symposium on Digital Scholarship

Friday, January 28, 2011 - 9:00am - 5:00pm
EMU Fir Room

Join University of Oregon faculty, staff, graduate researchers and HASTAC scholars as we explore scholarly applications of digital tools and media in the humanities and associated disciplines.


Opening Remarks: Deb Carver, Dean of University Libraries
2010-11 HASTAC Scholars:

Andrew Bonamici, Associate University Librarian

Scholars: Ashley Gibson (MA, Art History); Bryce Peake (PhD, Anthropology) Whitney Phillips (PhD, English/Folklore); Anne Stewart (undergraduate, English/Japanese); Staci Tucker (MA, SOJC); Tomas Valladares (MA, Arts & Administration); Matt Villeneuve (undergraduate, History); Mara Williams (PhD, SOJC).

Mentors: Douglas Blandy, Arts & Administration; Alisa Freedman, East Asian Languages and Literatures; Kevin Hatfield, History; Kate Mondloch, Art History; Carol Stabile, SOJC/English.

Keynote Introduction: Scott Coltrane, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Keynote Address: "Modulated Subjects: MP3, Telephony, and the Imagined Auditor" by Jonathan Sterne

Professor of Art History and Communication at McGill University, Jonathan Sterne is the author of The Audible Past: Cultural Origins of Sound Reproduction and the forthcoming MP3: The Meaning of a Format (Duke University Press). He is currently a fellow of Stanford University’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. Visit


Digital Studies at UO

  • Moderator: Kate Mondloch, Art History
  • Allison Carruth, English
  • Alisa Freedman, East Asian Languages and Literatures
  • Colin Koopman, Philosophy
  • Bish Sen, Journalism
  • Kartz Ucci, Digital Arts


Lunch on your own in the EMU

Digital Scholars Advisory Board meeting, Fir Room


UO Digital Projects: Don Harris, Vice Provost, Information Services

  • Moderator: Douglas Blandy, Arts & Administration
  • ChinaVine: Doug Blandy and John Fenn, Arts & Administration
  • Oregon Petrarch Open Book: Massimo Lollini, Romance Languages
  • Fembot: Carol Stabile, SOJC/English, and Karen Estlund, Digital Collections, UO Libraries
  • Nolli Map of Rome/Giuseppe Vasi’s Rome: James Tice, Architecture, and Erik Steiner, InfoGraphics
3:15—4:45 Graduate Research in Digital Studies
  • Moderator: Carol Stabile
  • Ashley Gibson, Art History
  • Bryce Peake, Anthropology
  • Whitney Phillips, Folklore
  • Staci Tucker, School of Journalism and Communications
  • Mara Williams, School of Journalism and Communications


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