University of Oregon

Waitlisting Comes to Duckweb


When students go to schedule classes for Spring term they will have a powerful new wait list feature to use.

"The new wait-list feature in DuckWeb will give students a fair shot at getting the classes they need to complete major and degree requirements in a timely manner," said Brian Lowery, Associate Registrar for Operations.

Waitlisting gives students the ability to sign up for courses that are already full. When space opens up in the class, they will receive an e-mail, and they have 24 hours to log in to Duckweb and decide whether to take the opening or not.

The system ran as a pilot project for 12 courses, or about 40 CRNs, during Winter term registration, giving programmers and administrative staff the opportunity to test and fix problems that the trial uncovered.

"Students using wait-lists need to realize that the email is the official means of communication at the UO," Lowery said. "It is important that UO students check their email account on a regular basis for important information including wait-list notifications."

This new Duckweb feature is a collaborative project that involved Information Services, Office of the Registrar, Human Physiology, Math, Economics, and the College of Business.

For more information on how students can use Duckweb's wait-listing feature, see How to Use Waitlisting on Duckweb. More information and training for staff will be available soon on the Registrar's website.