University of Oregon

Guest Wireless Frequently Asked Questions


Guests visiting the University of Oregon can access the university's wireless network and the internet by either using eduroam or by having a UO faculty or staff member sponsor guest access. This page answers frequently asked questions about these options.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Do guests from eduroam-participating institutions need to be sponsored?
No. Select the "eduroam" wireless network and login using your username and password provided by your home institution.

Q: Who is eligible to be sponsored?
Please see the Wireless Network Guest Access Policy for details and examples.

Q: Who can sponsor guests? For how long?
University faculty and staff can sponsor guests. The length of the sponsorship varies. See the Wireless Network Guest Access Policy for details.

Q: Can students sponsor guests?

Q: Do Oregon State University or Portland State University guests need to be sponsored?
No. They can log in using the username and passwords provided by their institution. Select the "UO Guest" wireless network and go to

Q: If I'm working with a conference, can I create more than one sponsorship at a time?
Yes, currently you can cut and paste quite a few addresses at once. Eventually we will offer an import feature.

Q: How many guests can I sponsor at any given time?
Currently, the system has no limits on the number of sponsors. Outside of conferences, we can't envision a reason why someone would have more than one or two sponsorships.

Q: What if the guest forgets his or her password?
The sponsor can reset the password. Log in at, click Manage Sponsorships, then "reset password".

Q: What if the guest forgets his or her password and the original sponsor is not available to reset a password?
The guest will need to find someone else to sponsor them. The new sponsor can reset the password.

Q: If a guest visits campus frequently, do I have to sponsor them every time?
Yes. If the user visits again after their previous access has expired, the guest will have to be sponsored once again.

Q: Can I revoke someone's access?
Yes, if you are that person's sponsor. Log in at, click Manage Sponsorships, then "revoke sponsorship".

Q: How often do guests need to log in?
No less than once a day. Guests are automatically logged out each morning around 4 a.m. If a wireless device stops responding or isn't seen for more than 5 minutes, you will need to log in again.

Q: If the guest comes back to campus and gets sponsored again, will they get a new temporary password?
No. The temporary password is only used the first time they are sponsored. The password that they selected during the very first login session is remembered by the system, even for future visits.

Q: Will a guest have access to the Internet at large?
Yes, a guest user will have access to all Internet resources but not to university resources that are limited to faculty, staff and students (e.g. Library catalog).

Q: Who is responsible for the guest conduct?
All guests are warned that when using the system they will abide the university's Acceptable Use Policy for Computing Resources. That said, the sponsor is also responsible for the guest's behavior.

Q: Who will provide support for the guest?
All guests will be supported by their sponsors or the support staff for the group, department or school they are visiting.

Q: Are there any system requirements to use the system?
Sponsor will need an SSL-enabled web browser and also allow/accept cookies from the site. As a guest, you will need an SSL-enabled web browser, support for javascript and you will want to allow for pop-ups from and Most modern web browsers support SSL by default.

Q: What will the contact information be used for?
When a guest logs in for the first time, we ask for important contact information, such as a name and phone number. This information will be used to contact the guest in an emergency. It will not be used in any other manner.

Q: Can I use the library's databases and electronic journals as a guest?
No. Laptops connecting to the Internet through the guest wireless system are not covered by the library's licenses for electronic resources. Guests who need access to these licensed resources are welcome to use an Internet kiosk in any of the campus libraries.