University of Oregon

Basic UO Webmail Functions


To help get you started with Webmail, here are some basic functions:
NOTE: If you are an Exchange user, visit to read your email. If you don't know whether you use Exchange, see How do I know if my email uses Exchange or IMAP?
The Power of Right Click and Drag-and-Drop
This web application supports features not found in the previous webmail program. Webmail now supports drag-and-drop, for moving messages from one location to another. It also supports right-click: point to a message or folder and right-click for a menu of options.
Address Book
For more information about the address book function, see Using UO Webmail's Advanced Features.
Sending large files
Large file sending is not currently supported in our version of webmail. To share large files, see Ways to Share Large Files for more information.
Video Instructions
For video instructions, see How to Use the UO Webmail System.
If you need additional assistance please contact our Tech Desk.