University of Oregon

The Software Center

The Software Center is a site feature that allows customers to download software based on their UO affiliation (e.g. student, fixed term enduring faculty, emeritus, retired, etc.), or, at the minimum, simply that he or she is UO affiliated. This feature is designed for software that is licensed for more than one unit on campus.

The SDC is comprised of two general types of information: software titles and software files.

A software title represents the software in a broad, abstract way. Think "Microsoft Word" or "Mathematica". A software title contains information such as a short and long description, tags (taxonomy), OSes its available for, download links, web resources, and attached software files.

A software file is a file, such as an ISO, DMG, text file, PDF or Word document that a customer will need to install software. It also contains information such as a short and long description, OS, access rights (who can download the file), and the actual file itself.

NOTE: Access control is set at the software file level, not the software title level. This allows for variously random licensing terms within each software title.

These two components are used to generate the list of software titles and files for download at

Here's a diagram that illustrates the difference between software titles and software files:

Tips for using the Software Center

  • If you wish to add software for download, request access by e-mailing Please indicate what software you will be adding.
  • You can add an icon for each software title. The ideal size is 64x64 pixels.
  • To access the Titles and Files for download, log in and from the Content Contributor's Menu, click "Software Distribution"
  • Tips specific to Software Titles:
    • The main text of the Software Title page, called the body, has some special formatting. If you select an H2 tag for text, it will appear at the standard H2 size and with a white horizontal bar behind it. See VirusScan as an example.
    • The "software contact" e-mail address is used by a web form for questions when someone can't access the download when they believe they should.
    • Use the "short description field" to provide a brief (<500 words) set of installation instructions. If the instructions are more complex, you can write and upload a PDF of directions or include it in the body section of the Software Title.
    • If the software needs to be downloaded from the publisher's site, list the link(s) in the "Download Link" area.
    • Use the "Web Resources" section to add links to the publisher's web site for tech support, training, or any other applicable content.
  • Tips specific to Software Files:
    • When adding a file, use the first field, "Title", as a plain English description of that specific file. For example, enter "VPNClient for 64-bit Windows" instead of "uo_64-bit_vpn_installer.exe"
    • Ignore the "Body" field. It is not currently used.
    • Attach the file using the "Software File" section. This interface has a 2GB file limit (due to a Drupal limitation). We have an alternate method for attaching larger files. E-mail for assistance.
    • Carefully select the applicable groups in the "Groups" section:
      • ALWAYS select the "software distribution" check box
      • anonymous user = anyone in the world can download that file
      • authenticated user = anyone with a valid Duck ID and password can download the file
      • the rest of the categories are somewhat self-explanatory