University of Oregon

How to Stop Windows Vista Explorer from Crashing on Right Clicks


My roommate's computer recently developed the problem of whenever he would right click. An error message would appear, stating:  c:/windows/explorer has encountered an error and needs to close. This problem was caused by shell conflicts among programs—it is common with Internet Explorer 7 and the various toolbars that are available for download.

I  suggest using the utility ShellExView. It makes this a very simple problem to deal with, especially if you don't feel comfortable going through and editing the registry manually.

Run ShellExView. The program will scan the registry for you and display a list of all shell application running on the computer. Once the list is displayed disable all the non-system shell programs. Then perform a test by right-clicking. The problem should have corrected itself. The next step is to systematically enable one shell at a time until you recreate the problem. Obviously the last one that you enable is the one causing the conflict. Simply leave this one disabled and enable all of the others. Perform another test to make sure that there weren't multiple programs causing windows explorer to crash.If it continues to function normally the issue is fixed.