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Network Quarantines


Network Quarantines
We understand how important network and internet access is to you as a student. If you live in the residence halls or family housing, ResNet will work with you to resolve any quarantine as quickly as possible. If you live off campus, the Technology Service Desk will assist you. The network quarantine system allows Network Services to temporarily disable network and internet access to specific devices on the campus network. This is done to protect our users, and to protect the campus network.

While quarantined, you can still access,, and some web sites.

How to get a Quarantine Removed
Most quarantines will require you to bring your computer to the ResNet office. If you have a laptop, we will need both the laptop and its power cord/adapter/charger. If your computer requires a power converter for U.S. power outlets, we will also need that converter.  If you have a desktop, we only need the tower; we will not need its power cord. 

New Router Quarantine
If you have a “router quarantine” from plugging in a new router to the network, please bring the router and power cord to our office for registration. Registration takes approximately ten minutes.

If your personal router becomes quarantined from the network due to malware/virus or an AUP/DMCA violation 
If you are using a personal router to connect to the network, that router is the device which is quarantined. We cannot tell which computer using the router triggered the quarantine. If there are multiple computers that connect to the router, we will need to see every single one of them in our office before we can release the quarantine. If a large number of people connect to your router such that getting all of them to come in is not feasible, you will be required to change your router's password and SSID (network name). We strongly suggest you share your router password only with an extremely limited number of people if at all, preferably just yourself and your roommate.


  • AUP: Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy—Read the university' AUP
  • DMCA: Digital Millenium Copyright Act—The 1998 law that expands copyright rules into the digital space

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