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Secunia CSI overview

Who Should Come: 
This event is only open to the UO Community
Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - 10:30am - 11:30am
185 Computing Center
1225 Kincaid St

This meeting will cover Secunia CSI and is directed toward Windows AD administrators. Other IT support staff are also invited. If time permits Secunia PSI may also be covered.

Please RSVP by sending e-mail to

Information Services has site licensed Secunia's Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) and Personal Software Inspector (PSI) for use on
student, staff and faculty computers. The IS Security group will be hosting a meeting on Sept 7 to go over Secunia CSI. Secunia staff, via a conference call, will be providing an introduction to the software and will able to answer any technical deployment questions.

Additional information about the CSI and PSI product line are available below. The PSI software will be made available for download from the Software Center (on this website). It should be available by September 9.

About Secunia CSI

Patching third-party applications is a necessity. Out-of-date third-party software can be a source of vulnerability which could expose
your computer to infection. It can be difficult to keep all of your third-party software up-to-date, especially if you're responsible for a
large group of computers. Much of a system administrator's time could be spent simply identifying and patching all of the third-party

Secunia CSI (Corporate Software Inspector) is a tool which makes this task easier by providing you with detailed software vulnerability
reports about the hosts you manage. CSI enables you to both monitor and manage the deployment of many third-party applications.  It also allows you to update insecure programs through the use of the standard Windows Update Agent.

  • Increased awareness of third-party software vulnerabilities
  • Greater control of software versions
  • More efficient deployment of software
   • Helps protect your PC from malware infections

Secunia CSI is intended for use on computers which are centrally managed by a department/unit.

Technical Deployment Requirements:
   • WSUS
   • AD Domain

About Secunia PSI

Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector) is a utility which helps keep your software up-to-date.  It does so by scanning your PC, providing information about out-of-date programs on your computer, and streamlines the installation of software updates. PSI is limited to Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, and is intended to be used with personal computers or university computers that are not centrally managed.

   • Simple to use
   • Easy to understand
   • Helps protect your PC from malware infections