University of Oregon

Setting up Exchange on Mobile Devices


To set up Exchange on your mobile device, use the following settings:

  • Email address: <duckid>
  • Server:
  • Domain:
    • On some phones, you may need to use just 'ad' or 'ad\<duckid>' in the domain field
  • Username: Your DuckID (the first part of your email address; the part to the left of the @ sign in your UO email address)
    • Some devices combine the 'Domain' and 'Username' fields into a single field and require only the full email address to be entered. So if the above suggestions fail to work in a combined field (i.e. ad\<duckid>), try entering just the UO email address (<duckid> 
  • Password: Your DuckID password
  • Use SSL?: On
  • S/MIME: Off

NOTE: these settings are not specific to iPhones, Android, or other mobile phones.