University of Oregon

Non-Digest Options for Mailman



To access the administration page in order to make any changes for a particular list, go to:

Change the text that says "LISTNAMEHERE" to the name of your list. For example, for list name 'sastest', you would go to and continue to log in with the associated admin password for the list, on the list's login page.

Mailman delivers messages to users via two modes: digest or non-digest. The digest option allows for list members to receive list traffic bundled as a single large message or individual messages. The non-digest option allows for the immediate delivery of list traffic. Messages are sent as soon as they are received by the system.

Option Description New List Default
nondigestable Can subscribers choose to receive mail immediately rather than in batched digests? Yes
msg_header Header added to mail sent to regular list members None
msg_footer Footer added to mail sent to regular list members.
%(real_name)s mailing list
scrub_nondigest Scrub attachments of regular delivery message.  No

For assistance with Mailman, please contact the Technology Service Desk.