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Guest Sponsors:

  • Tenure Related Faculty, Non Tenure Track Faculty (Career), Officers of Administration, and Staff shall be able to sponsor guests during their time on campus.
  • Any request for sponsorship for an extended period of time (one academic term or longer), shall be referred to the Dean, Vice Provost, Vice President, or Associate Vice President or their designee for sponsorship.

Guest and Sponsor Responsibilities:
Guests are responsible for reading and adhering to the Terms of Service for UO Blogs. The sponsor will take responsibility for the actions of the guest while they are utilizing UO Blogs. Violations of these policies will be referred to the appropriate authorities.

Guest Eligibility:

  • Invited guest instructors, researchers or staff directly supporting the research or instructional mission of the University or University operations whose work requires * web space. (e.g. authors from the Summer Reading Program who will use the blogs platform to teach and interact with UO students)
  • Board or Advisory group members or trustees shall be eligible for guest access for the duration of their term

Full Policy
See UO Blogs: Guest Policy

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